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Welcome to Fine 999. Our mission is to educate and facilitate a free market for gold and silver. We know that both gold and silver are increasingly being recognized as a measure with which to store wealth in order to preserve purchasing power from inflation. We believe gold and silver are forms of true wealth, not just an alternative to paper money. In this site you will find information on gold and silver, and gold and silver in bullion and coin. We are a commercial company, Fine 999 Investments cc, registered in South Africa. We buy and sell both gold and silver. Our aim in doing so is to provide a competitive market where gold and silver can be traded. We want to progressively remove the misinformation that surrounds the "cash for gold" industry. As more buyers and sellers are educated and come into the market, we believe this will facilitate a transparent and efficient market.

The silver story in a nutshell
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Silver today is a cheap, yet scarce and severely undervalued precious metal, on it's way to becoming an expensive strategic resource within another decade. Gold and silver have been in a long-term secular bull market since approximately 2001 and currently the fundamentals show that this won't be ending anytime soon. In addition to silvers traditional role as a safe haven in economically uncertain times, silver's many industrial uses continue to use it up at a rate faster than it can be mined. Current silver prices are still too low to generate the profits that encourage the opening of mines, and the price is not yet high enough to encourage the research necessary to produce alternatives to it's many current uses. Currently many investors including pension funds and central banks are rediscovering silvers lead role as a hedge against bad government policy and inflation.
Should I buy silver?
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We are not financial advisors, so we can't tell you to. However, we believe everyone should at least own a little silver as an insurance policy against the worthlessness of paper money. How much you buy depends on how much/little faith you hold in paper money. Buying silver (or gold) is not without risks, so your best strategy for protecting your wealth is to educate yourself. Take the time to research gold and silver. Start by googling 'Should I buy gold', or go through some of the links on our resource page. Question everything you see. If you understand that buying gold and silver is a hedge against worthlessness (inflation and bad monetary and fiscal policies), you will understand that, unlike paper money which historically tends to zero, precious metals are the form of money which over the long-term, will re-emerge as the money of choice.
When to buy
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Most investors will not trust their own minds and are unlikely to buy unless they see a bull market nearing the end of its course. Most amateur investors therefore only buy after most of the price movement in the market has already occurred. The longer you hold on to your position in a growing market, the more your investment is able to grow. This however implies that the person who makes the most is the one who sees what most people don't see, gets into a market early, and stays in for the longest duration. The successful investor is the one who sees a fundamental supply/demand discrepancy, acts on what he sees, and waits out the inevitable. This is when production of silver has caught up to the industrial demand.

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