Investment gold and silver

Our primary mission is to provide a viable source of investment silver in South Africa. In South Africa, silver holds a much higher premium to gold. This can be attributed to:

  • South Africa is not a primary silver producer (silver is produced as a byproduct of gold, copper and zinc mining in SA), so there is a local scarcity of silver relative to gold.
  • Silver is VATable in South Africa (VAT is deemed payed on Krugerrands). When VAT is up to three times higher than the markup, this tends to drive up handling costs and retailers markups.
  • Gold is much better understood in South Africa, therefore demands lower premiums.
  • South Africa does not produce a low-price-relative-to-spot silver bullion coin such as do the silver producing nations. The silver bullion coins South Africa does produce are high markup, limited-edition coins aimed the premium investor market.

Given the above market conditions, we are committed to providing reasonably-priced silver to the investor in South Africa. We source internationally, through local mines and mints, or via processing of scrap silver. We are also committed to educating investors on silver as an investment and believe that currently silver presents the investment opportunity of a lifetime - bar none.

We also provide access to gold, platinum and palladium in investment forms.

Buying from us

1 . Buying direct from us in Port Elizabeth

Our premises are Hurd Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth. We don't store goods on site, so you will need to contact us on 079 638 5954 to order. Prices are fixed once your money has been cleared in our account. Delivery time varies depending on the form you are buying. Prices vary with the underlying gold and silver price.

Please contact us for prices of the following:

100g  .999 fine silver bars
250g  .999 fine silver bars
1000g.999 fine silver bars

.999 fine silver nuggets

SA 80% silver coins (R1, crowns, florins, shillings, tickeys etc)
SA 50% silver coins (½ crowns, florins, shillings, tickeys etc)
UK 50% silver coins (½ crowns, florins, shillings etc)

10g    .999 fine gold bars
50g    .999 fine gold bars
100g  .999 fine gold bars

1oz Krugerrands

80% South African Silver Bullion coin American Silver Buffalo 100g cast ,999 fine silver bars
Gold Kruger Rand 50% British Silver Bullion coin Silver Granules Nuggets

2. Buying on BidorBuy

Our online offerings are available on auction at BidorBuy. To see the current listing of offerings, visit If you would like to buy any of our offerings via BidorBuy and they are not currently available on BidorBuy, please let us know and we can post the relevant auction.



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