.999 Fine silver bars
999 fine silver bars
Generally investors like to hold bullion in it's purest form possible which is .999 fine silver (99.9% or purer). Refined silver like this trades at a premium above spot due to scarcity, refining costs and VAT. The bars we sell are sourced from a variety of South African refineries in a variety of different sizes. Please email us for the days pricing.
Krugerrand fine gold
The South African Krugerrand Coins are recognized as the world's first 1 ounce denominated legal-tender gold coin, a concept since followed by other gold and silver producing countries. The coin holds exactly 1 troy ounce of gold and has developed into one of the worlds most recognizable trademarks. The Krugerrand is traded for their pure gold content and it is the most widely held and actively traded bullion coin in the world with over 48 million minted since 1967. Krugerrands are legal tender in South Africa and are VAT free. They come in the following denominations: 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz. Please email us for the days pricing.
Silver coins
SA .800 silver coinage
In South Africa we used 80% silver coins as recently as 1969. Much of this silver coinage is still in existence and has the same appreciation potential as bullion based on the silver content. Silver coins are easily verifiable as silver and are illegal and difficult to forge. The numismatic value may also provide a floor to their value, and they may even appreciate in value as coins are converted to bullion and become rarer. Finally, in the event of a complete currently collapse, they may reappear as a means of exchange based on their silver content. The smaller denominations would then be more useful than larger silver pieces. We sell 80% silver coins at 15% above the spot price, and 50% silver coins at 8% above the spot price, subject to availability. Please email us for the days pricing.
Krugerrand fine gold
We supply a full range of the accessories you will need for buying and handling precious metals:
  • Digital scales - 100g - 500g range. 0.1 or 0.01g accuracy
  • Gold and silver test solutions - .925, 14k, 18k etc
  • Silver cleaning clothes and solutions
  • Coin capsules and bags

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